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Over time your concrete around your house begins to look old and dingy, maybe it has cracked and separated, or it wasn’t constructed right to begin with. BYK Construction, Inc. is offering a new service of rehab and replacing old concrete work to make it look like new again!
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Concrete rehab and replacement services

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For many of us our most important asset is our home, and a large part of that home is the Concrete work. Concrete work can be one of the biggest expenses during home construction, and if your Builder or Contractor did not complete the job correctly it could end up being disastrous! Regular maintenance and sealing on concrete is often overlooked.

Concrete Rehab
Concrete is known to be very durable but with the right conditions and improper maintenance concrete slabs can lose durability and function quickly. Concrete should be cleaned regularly. The surface can be sealed to prevent additional damage by water or chemical intrusion. Cracks in your concrete should be filled with new concrete or caulk to prevent further damage to the slab surface and sub-grade. BYK Concrete Division can provide all these services and more! Drywall finishing and painting in garages as well as trim work to finish off your garage nicely.

Concrete Replacement
Does your driveway have large cracks? Height Displacement? Maybe there is a sub grade issue. Full removal and replacement of your driveway or slabs is what you need. BYK Construction, Inc has a team of excavation specialists and concrete finishers to completely replace your slabs at your house. Think of the value and curb appeal a brand new driveway would bring to your house. Whether your looking to have a nicer driveway for your family and friends, or to maximize your curb appeal for re-sale,a driveway replacement is an excellent option to increase the value of your house. We provide all kinds of finishes from decorative borders, wood planks, broomed finish, and exposed aggregate.